Inspired by an interior design project in a SoHo loft, our artisan crafted lighting dazzles and captivates. Originally created for an entryway installation, Fizz was the first fixture to be developed in a series, which eventually grew into our modern lighting collection. Casting playful shadows with their whimsical silhouettes, our glass pendant lights illuminate their surroundings with a soft glow while imbuing an enchanting charm to any room. Hand-blown in NYC and available in a striking array of jewel tones.



Inspired by ancient Pompeian pottery vessels, the Vesuvius Series is a strikingly modern lighting collection. Sumptuous silhouettes and luscious colors create modern lighting that adds beauty and charm to any room. 



Inspired by the retro aesthetic of 1950s flashlights, the Flashlight lighting collection combines clean lines and bold shapes, resulting in unique glass pendant lights. Influenced by a vintage aesthetic, our pendants effortlessly make your acquaintance while ringing true to modernity at its finest. Each pendant light has a story to tell with its exclusive silhouette and whimsical form. 



Effervescing with style, our Fizz collection is hand-blown from seeded glass, resulting in naturally-occurring air bubbles. Each unique pendant light fixture emphasizes artful inconsistencies that are a result of the glass-blowing process, revealing one-of-a-kind gradient color formations. 



Bold cubist lines conjure a heroic presence in our Constantine collection, the epitome of this unique pendant lighting. These totem-like vessels are inspired by the sculptures of Brancusi, sinuous in form and unquestionably elegant. Permit the geometric elegance of each unique pendant light fixture to enhance your surroundings. 



Applying ancient Italian techniques to produce a striking crackled effect, the Boa collection is distinctive as it is provocative. Richly textured and uniform in color, these boldly-hued pendants bestow luxurious lighting throughout a space. 



Our Vista Swirl pendants are fabricated using a complex array of techniques, yielding gorgeously-striated lamps with a mirror-like appearance. As stylish as it is practical, these pendant lights will transcend your home with a contemporary twist. 



Capturing a distinctive joie de vivre, each Summit pendant light in our Charmed collection features crackled glass and a mirrored interior, which beautifully reflects its tinted surroundings through the lens of its colored-glass exterior. 



Our Virtue pendants are fabricated using a complex array of techniques.  As stylish as it is practical, these pendant lights will transcend your home with a contemporary twist. 



Custom pendants, glass vases and sculptural objects…Tempo Luxury Home is well versed in all areas of custom lighting and object fabrication. We believe that the creation of custom lighting, vases and sculptural glass objects has to be done to perfection and with our team of artisans we can create all types of custom home décor for hospitality, commercial and residential use.

We are passionate about what we do and bring our vast experience of glass object and lighting fabrications to provide you with the best custom home furnishings.