Introducing The Flashlight Collection by Joseph Ginsberg

Inspired by the retro aesthetic of 1950s flashlights, the Flashlight Collection combines clean lines and bold shapes, resulting in unique glass pendant lights. Influenced by a vintage aesthetic, our hanging lights effortlessly make your acquaintance while ringing true to modernity at its finest. Each hanging light has a story to tell with its exclusive silhouette and whimsical form. Choose from an assortment of styles and colors to add a contemporary edge to your environment while imparting an air of timeless sophistication. We welcome you to contact us for pricing or additional information.


Crackled Solaris Pendant from the Boa Collection by Joseph Ginsberg

The crackle technique gives these pendants an intentionally irregular and fractured appearance. To achieve this process, the glass pendants needs to be plunged into cold water and then reheated. It involves using a sensitive touch and heating just enough to retain the cracks. #HandblownPendants #CustomMadeLighting #TealPendants #TealInteriors


Kenneth Nadler Architects Custom Project by Joseph Ginsberg

We take pride in creating exclusive collections for designers, architects and retailers who are looking for a product, specific to their taste and requirements. We address quantities that qualify for bulk pricing which results in a more cost effective collection.

Tempo Luxury Home’s fabrication shops are located around the New York area, encompassing a glass-blowing/casting studio, and a fabric workshop.  The size of our fabrication shops makes it easy to facilitate projects of any scope and handle product runs.

Please visit our customization page to view our glass color library and all the possibilities for your custom decor piece. Please feel free to inquire and we will be more than happy to assist you.