Tempo's pillow collections feature visually engaging imagery, capturing the unique perception of our surroundings. Choose from a breathtaking variety of throw pillows from this ever-growing assortment. Inspired by nature, art and the urban landscape, from the abstract color medleys of our ethereal Skan-9 and Floral collections to the Fine Art throw pillows, we have a theme suitable for every environment.


Create a resplendent bouquet anywhere you choose with our Le Fleur throw pillow collection. Conjure up the fleeting nature of spring and summer, forever captured in this colorful throw pillow collection. 


Our Skan-9 modern pillows are sensuous with their soft-focus photographic images that create ethereal, abstract landscapes that are vibrant yet serene. Printed on silk taffetta with a velvet-textured backing, these colorful throw pillows add a touch of fantasy.


Eye-catching imagery and dazzling colors compose this lively collection of modern pillows. As versatile as it is graphic, our Odyssey throw pillow collection is the perfect statement piece for any space. Choose from a unique assortment of patterns and designs to express your signature style. 


Decorative throw pillows with airy portraits of woodland creatures create charming images equally appropriate for children or light-hearted adults. Pastel shades on silk charmeuse with a velvet-textured backing add a dreamy, ethereal appeal to young and old. 


Based on Joe Ginsberg’s private gallery, the Fine Art Collection is a signature anthology. A spirited compilation of the artist’s unique sketches and vividly hued watercolors provides a wealth of decorative throw pillows. 


Featuring black and white timepieces, the Noir modern pillow collection is a fresh interpretation of nostalgia. This film Noir modern pillow collection can be in traditional and contemporary surroundings.